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It is an amazing portal that offers an incredible experience, Which will guide you to the most compatible courses with your interest. It is easy to use, a simple questioner, build according to your need. At initial stage, it is limited to NRW and well known institutes only. Later on this will expand to all around Germany.

Project is currently under development stage, Below you can see the status of each phase.
Idea Implementation
Design & Development


If you want to study or complete your Bachelor/Master in North Rhine-Westphalia, the SAP has the information you need.
More than 72 Universities. Make a wishlist of your favorite programmes, check your fit with them, and read the requirements.
More than 400 courses listed here, Pass through our questioner and get your desired program. Now that you have your top programmes shortlisted, you can pick the ones that fit you the best.
When you feel confident about your programme choice, Follow the URL. Which will redirect you to the programme Page where you can Apply directly.
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